July 20, 2009

Update on Blog

OK, it only took me about (wait a sec, I'm counting) 7 months to figure it out, but one of the goals of creating this blog was to start discussions on the topics mentioned here. But, considering I was monitoring each and every comment on here before allowing them to show up, wel... let's just say that practice wasn't very conducive to it.

So as of today, you may now post your comments and they will immediately show on the blog. Of course, I still reserve the right to delete anything that's inappropriate (I apologize in advance if this outrages any of you, and you can give me the whole 'freedom of speech' soliloquy but this is my blog).

There you go. That's my Happy News of the day :) Enjoy!


PS: the picture's taken from Cowboy Bebop an AWESOME anime series that I watched when I still lived in Belgium. And, yes, they're making a movie out of it and Keanu Reeves is playing the lead role. Now that's going to be interesting!


  1. You gotta watch what kind of freedom you give idiots like me Ms. Ellefson. May I suggest watching this educational video: www.collegehumor.com/video:1907543

  2. Well, I can always delete the comments I don't like afterwards, so I'm not too worried :)

    Still though, isn't it more fun to see your comment(s) posted immediately?

  3. It really is. In this always-on instant gratification day and age, I get annoyed if I don't get what I want from the Internet in 2 seconds or less. Now where's my Russian mail-order bride dammit!

  4. Hahaha! Be careful what you wish for. If you followed these posts closely, you'd already know that :)