September 28, 2009

Sound of Music in Belgium! - Music of the Spheres Entr'acte

Hello All!

I almost decided to post a "Out of Service" sign for today's post, as I'm too busy finishing up my novel to dig up more research wonders, when I remembered about this really cool/fun video I was sent. So OK, videos like these have sprouted all over youtube, but this one's different. Why? It's set in Antwerp, Belgium (my home country, or one of them anyway^^). Hope it makes your day even better!

Enjoy :)


  1. Dang it, just realized the video's a little too large for my blog, so it looks a little weird. Oh well. Please bear with it. Pretend it's a child's collage gone awry :p

  2. The video sizing depends on what type of browser you're using. No problem with explorer, firefox could prove problematic.

  3. Ah, is that how it works? (sorry, just noticed your comment... I wish I could get notified when I received some!). Thanks for the tip! (a couple years late)