March 18, 2009

Intermezzo - Visualizing Your Dream

I first would like to apologize for having been remiss in keeping this blog up to date. I shall try very hard not to let that happen again.

While I work on my next X-Men volume, I would like to tell you about this ad I saw called “Mind Movie.” The principle of the idea here is simple: to help you visualize what you want to accomplish.

In other words, this is a tool to focus your energy on your goal, just like we’ve talked about in previous posts (Power of Positive Thinking).

So how does this work? Well, the point is that you have to see yourself with the goal accomplished. A visualization feat that’s not always easy. The ad is to show you how to make a movie with all the things you want for yourself and watch it every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep (to me, this sort of sounds like hypnosis, what do you think?).

I don’t know if everyone can make a video, but I figure it should work just as well if you create a photo (or picture album if you have a lot of different dreams).
Ok. Let’s try this. Let’s say I want to be a beautiful princess.

So I take a picture of me and make myself look like a princess.

There. Step 1’s accomplished.

Note: There’s no problem photoshopping your own picture, just so long as you’re still recognizable so your brain KNOWS that it’s you.

Then, I want to be rich. Not just a little rich, or mildly rich. But Filthy Rich. Yeah, that’s right. So I have to see myself with mountains and mountains of gold!

There, see? Kind of like Uncle Scrooge. I can totally see myself plunging in all that gold! Ah, yes, this is very nice.

OK. Step 2’s accomplished.

And on to Step 3:

Finally, I want to live in a castle. A beautiful castle with towers and all that! So, Bibbidibobbidiboo . . .

I have my castle!

See, pretty simple, huh?

Now all I have to do is look at that beautiful picture of me, with all the things I want, mornings and nights, and it’ll help with my visualization.

What about you? What do you want to have? If you come up with a collage of yourself and your dreams, email it to me at, and I’ll put it up in a later post :-)

Keep on dreaming!