June 28, 2022

Wednesday Writing Prompt 03


Happy 🐪 Day!

Here's this week's writing prompt:

1.      You get an indecent proposal at work, but it’s not for what you think.

June 21, 2022

Wednesday Writing Prompt 02

Happy 🐪 Day

Here's this week's writing prompt:

1.      You’ve received a rat for your birthday, and, considering who gave it to you, you know can’t get rid of it. Ever.

June 14, 2022

Wednesday Writing Prompt 01



I'm going to try something new here, and, as I (albeit snail-like) am posting more on the art of writing, I thought I'd also share some writing prompts.

The reason behind this is that I've had a very hard few years where events and health heavily impacted my storytelling ability. However, in my battle to reclaim myself--and my writing--one of the exercises I found that helped me was coming up with 400 words (didn't have to be a full story) using a prompt as a starter.

The key was to let my imagination run wild, using all the senses to describe the scene, and thereby rediscover the fun in writing. 

So, hopefully, these weekly(1) prompts might help someone else facing the same difficulties.

So here's the first prompt:

It's night, and a robot has somehow ended up before what appears to be an abandoned farm house.


(1) I'm going to try providing weekly prompts for a year, then see after that :)