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Welcome, dear traveler of the imaginary (and other) realms!

Ogre killer, witch subduer, bookkeeper for the Gnomes Of Terrible Hirsuteness Society, and Fairy documentarist, I use any spare time I have to write accounts of the Fey kingdom before my memories can be wiped clean.

To that end, I am keeping a blog of all the miscellaneous items that I find of interest (far and wide-ranging as you may witness here)--in terms of history, other stories, the writing process, art, cool quotes, philosophy, health, and updates on my latest undertakings in the magical realms.

As you are probably aware, most magical beings don't like technology much (and those that do don't mind my note-taking so it all works out), thus everything placed here is relatively safe from their interference... That means you can interact with me through this medium too, should you have anything fun, curious, or intriguing to add--I'm bound to respond (even if sometimes a little late--time passes quite differently over yonder).

Otherwise, my most crucial findings can also be found in the form of novels.

Curse of the Fey is the final installment in the Morgana Trilogy, a young adult fantasy series based on the memoirs of Morgan Pendragon that were relayed to me through the goodwill and resilience of pigeon messengers (a true feat in dragon- and harpy-infested skies).

I'm currently delving, through interviews and scrying, into the past of some of the people involved in the events that lead to the Morgana Trilogy (the results of which will be related in the prequel novel, Morningstar).

Snippets and tidbits can be found via my newsletter (a rather sporadic affair of late, admittedly, as the Dark Sidhe are rather tight-lipped and unwilling to let their secrets out).

Safe journey, and see you soon!

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