October 2, 2012

The Cost Of Creativity

Read an interesting column by Jerry B. Jenkins, short and sweet, regarding what it takes to write a book, and came away with this quote:

"Don't ever get the idea writing is easy.  If it is, you're not working hard enough.  The stuff that comes easy takes the most rewriting.  And stuff that comes hard reads the easiest."

I have to say, after 7 years of off-and-on writing (mostly off, I'm ashamed to admit), and now that I'm seriously working on my book (the second one, actually, but first that will hit the bookshelves) with a self-imposed deadline, I'm only ever more reminded of how true that one quote is.  But I am also reminded that, to see my book in print, I actually have to keep working at it.

And on that note, on to chapter 5!

Mimi & Eunice - Much agony can go into banal results.