June 26, 2011

Summer's Soft Surrender

The Gentian weaves her fringes -
The Maple's loom is red -
My departing blossoms
Obviate parade.

A brief, but patient illness -
An hour to prepare,
And one below this morning
Is where the angels are -
It was a short procession,
The Bobolink was there -
An aged Bee addressed us -
And then we knelt in prayer -
We trust that she was willing -
We ask that we may be.
Summer - Sister - Seraph!
Let us go with thee!

In the name of the Bee-
And of the Butterfly-
And of the Breeze - Amen!

~Emily Dickinson

Just a reminder to enjoy sweet Summer's embrace while we can =)

June 24, 2011

Just relax...

"In the United States of America, roughly 80% of those who visit a doctor's office are ill because their immune system has been damaged by stress." ~ William Sullivan