April 5, 2010

Was that a sign . . . or not?

I’m diverging a bit from the “art and form of writing” posts I’ve been putting up lately. The theme of this post is actually something I explore in my movie and something I do wonder at quite a bit in real life and I thought I’d get your opinion on it, if you’re so willing.

But before I go any further, I suppose I should first define what I mean by “sign.” And in this instance, I mean it as an “omen,” an event that foretells the future.

I suppose this “sign” question begs to have an even greater question asked: if signs foretell what’s to come in the future, does that mean our future’s already set? But that is a question I’m afraid will always remain in debate. So let’s assume, for a moment at least, that it doesn’t matter whether our future is entirely pre-determined or whether we determine it ourselves through our actions.

My question then (to you and to the rest of the universe) is this: do signs exist? And if so, how much value should we attach to them? Or is it all just coincidence?

I remember reading, back in the days when I was way more into anything esoteric, a book about runes. The author was mentioning how, when you keep your mind open, if you have questions, nature will give you the answers you need. And he went on to explain how one day when driving, he saw the rune Algiz painted on a wall, telling him to go forward with his plan as he would be protected against negative outcomes. And he did. And was happy.

But what about you? Have you ever decided to go on with a project of your own only after having received such a sign yourself telling you to go forward? Have you ever regretted making such a decision based on that sign? Or have they always proved to be correct and lead you on the right path?

Or do you believe these signs are but illusions stemming from wishful thinking: you truly want to take an action and will take anything you see as an approbation?

--An ever-inquiring mind.