March 8, 2011

Running A Marathon

I know, crazy title for one who can barely jog. But really quite apropos, methinks (though methinks hates to admit it, methinks has been wrong at times…).

Ran across (pun not initially intended) a cool article that talks about “Going For The Dream.” And here are some of the most juicy parts:

A – Make sure you have a vision.
Well, I have lots of those, so check. Do you?

B – Give yourself the time to make it.
Which is really hard for me. Hey, I grew up in this modern, immediate-gratification society too (contrary to what others might think, Belgium is pretty up-to-date. And no, smurfs are a long extinct, like the dodo. Unless…).
However, as mentioned in the article and in this interesting book (Outliers: The Story of Success), if one works hard for 10 years, one will become a pro. So the key is to stick with it, and work.

C – Kaizen
This one I added myself – but I feel it really encompasses what the remainder of the post says. For more info, see my previous post here and ScreenwritingU’s more detailed version here.

So really, the key is to not give up on your dream, work hard, improve, and be patient. You’re in it for the long run, after all!