October 25, 2022

Wednesday Writing Prompt 20

 Happy 🐪 Day!

Here's this week's writing prompt:

1.      Being really sick, you decide to go on a pilgrimage, seeking faith and healing.

October 18, 2022

Wednesday Writing Prompt 19

Happy 🐪 Day!

Here's this week's writing prompt:

1.      You’ve had a very long week at work and, on your way back home, decide to visit the old Roman baths that, surprisingly, are still functional, and have been managed by the same mysterious family for over 1700 years.

October 11, 2022

Wednesday Writing Prompt 18

Happy 🐪 Day!

Here's this week's writing prompt:

1.      A horn rings in the distance. The invaders have been sighted. Despite news of their vileness and incredible strength, you decide to take up arms to defend your land.

October 6, 2022

Leadership Dos and Don'ts

I've been reading this book people kept recommending to me: Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich*. First published in 1937, it talks about the principles one needs to follow to become rich in an era marked by the Great Depression.

The book has a lot of interesting advice (a lot of which is reminiscent of the Law of Attraction that's become big since the start of the 21st c.), as well as some sections which, although clearly dated, make for fascinating windows into that not-so-long-ago piece of history.

One of the chapters delves into what makes a great leader, as one needs to be a leader to make a fortune (as opposed to followers who are much less likely to get super rich), and the pitfalls these great leaders must avoid if they do not wish to go the way of the dodo.

I found his points to be thought-provoking, particularly in our world's current state where everything seems so uncertain (sometimes on the brink of global catastrophe), and there appears to be a dearth of good leadership.

So here's a summary of what Napoleon Hill advises on how to be a great leader. Tell me how you feel about it all after in the comments :)

Leadership Dos:

  1. Have enduring courage and self-confidence, or no one (at least no one intelligent) will want to follow.
  2. Have self-control.
  3. Be fair and just, or risk losing your followers' respect.
  4. Remain definite in your decisions, as opposed to being wishy washy. This goes back to being self-confident.
  5. Plan your work, and work your plan (no guessing or being vague).
  6. Do more than paid for, and more than what's required of followers.
  7. Have a pleasing personality. Again, respect is key.
  8. Have and show both sympathy and understanding of followers and their problems.
  9. Master the details of your business/service.
  10. Assume full responsibility, even for your followers' mistakes.
  11. Cooperate, and encourage others to do the same. Here, Hill insists that the only way to be a true leader is through leading by consent (as opposed to by force, as history has proven repeatedly that kings and despots always fall at some point).
Leadership Don'ts:
  1. Be too busy to organize and understand the details of the business.
  2. Be unwilling to perform whatever you ask others to do.
  3. Expect to be paid for what you know instead of what you do (the proof is in the pudding, not its professed recipe).
  4. Kick followers down for fear of their becoming greater. The better they become, the better partners they are in helping you achieve your goals/vision.
  5. Leave your imagination to the side. Leaders need to be able to meet emergencies and create plans for their followers, and that often means thinking outside the box or connecting the dots in new ways.
  6. Be selfish and not give credit where credit's due. As Hill states, "The really great leader claims none of the honors."
  7. Indulge in excesses, including outside of work (addictions are never good).
  8. Be disloyal. (Big no no to the whole Brutus and Judas game plays.)
  9. Emphasize your authority as a leader, instead of encouraging to follow your guidance and vision. This refers back again to not being one who leads by force or fear.
  10. Enforce hierarchy. Great leaders make themselves available to all their followers, without hiding behind their direct subordinates (especially in bad times).
So, do you think the lists missed anything crucial in order to become a successful leader? Let me know in the comments below!

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October 4, 2022

Wednesday Writing Prompt 17

Happy 🐪 Day!

Here's this week's writing prompt:

1.      You are at the market, buying ribbons, when you hear that Lord Vale is about to settle in the estate next to yours, leaving you with mixed feelings.