May 25, 2010

Living to a Wizarding Old Age...

After a month of dilly-dallying, I’ve finally managed to finish chapter 10 of my novel. And in it I touch on a topic I’ve always found fascinating: the old (and when I mean old, I mean old) age of people past.

The first time I was exposed to these life spans of vampiric proportion, was when reading the Bible (a children’s version, with awesome pictures), then have found that fact sprout or be wielded before me from time to time since. My question is then this: can we live to be as old as Methuselah?

So of course, I put on my cap, took out my pipe and magnifying glass, and googled it up. It’s amazing the theories that abound on the topic. Some of them are also very mathematically inclined (no, I have not verified it, I will leave that to other, more number-oriented people to do).

Some of the interpretations out there, though, seem to be strangely related (and I’m sure they are in some nth, overarching theory), which I feel is interesting to mention here:

Earth used to be different before “the Flood” (whatever that flood may be, or whenever it may have happened). It used to have a stronger magnetic field and/or some kind of water vapor veil all around (mention is made that the Bible states that before the Flood, it never rained—not being a Bible scholar, having lots of other things to do, and being inherently lazy, I haven’t verified this fact) that protected the earth from “evil rays” or whatnot (a side question: do you think a stronger magnetic field around the earth would help this water vapor sheet around the world from being created and maintained?).

Then what? Well, it would mean that earth was then much more of a paradise than it is now: lush vegetation (fossils tell of an era when the earth was sub-tropical all around), more oxygen (proof found in the bubbles of ancient trees—tree wrecks?) which thereby allows for healthier lives and maybe even longer lives (green food = healthy food + oxygen, when the atmospheric pressure’s increased, helps us heal faster.

And as for the electromagnetic field, well, I’ve already touched on it, but I also found this one passage that discussed how some experiments were made on fruit flies whereby they were kept in a chamber with double (or more?) the electromagnetic influence we’re currently being subjected to on earth, and found that their life spans were increased from 1 week to 60 days, and that they doubled their size.

Of course, this all requires more research (on my part for double-checking these facts, on scientists’ part if this is real), but what if it were all true? Then what we’d need to do is find a way to recreate those conditions, and maybe then we’d be able to recreate paradise!

--Yours, ever open-minded.

PS: I know I don't mention wizards, but aren't they supposed to live reaaaaaaaaaally long lives too?