December 3, 2012

Too Much Perfectionism Is No Good

Finishing up the last few chapters of the first draft of my current work, I'm finding myself thinking about all the revisions I'm going to need to make.  I'm hoping to be done with draft 2 before I leave for the holidays, then already planning for drafts 3 and 4, and possibly 5 during January/February.  But I know myself, and I know that, even with so many revision, I for sure will not be happy with the result and want to push back the date of publication even further away. 

Today, thanks to ScreenwritingU, I saw this quote which calmed down this near-hysterical panic session (season?):

"When we're continuously so hard on ourselves and strive for perfection, our creativity and growth is completely stifled.  Nothing ever becomes good enough." ~Erica Diamond

I suppose this is a sign that, at some point, I'll just have to learn to let go... and in the meantime, not sweat the small stuff.