September 28, 2012

Mother Earth's Predictions

"You men and your Gods!  
You mock the Mother for snail slowness, 
for creating blindly in the dark.
Yet when you create without Her,
swiftly and in the light, you will create blindly indeed--
shaping, maybe, a world's death!
Well, poison sea and sky, the air you breathe,
and even the sweet brown skin of Her breast, 
that always She has allowed you to tear to give you grain.
Kill and kill until nothing is left 
but bare bones upon barren, polluted earth.
The Mother is mighty;
She has many bodies, and your world is but one of them.
In Her mightiness She may yet heal Her wounds
and make earth bloom again--
yes, raise up you men along with it,
even if She has to bear your whole race again.
For a good mother is patient; 
she knows that a child must stumble many times 
before it learns to walk...
Also you do have your good points.  
Who should know that better than I?"
She laughed, and cradled Pwyll's head upon her breasts.
from Prince of Annwn, Mabinogion Tetralogy - Evangeline Walton

For any of you interested, this book (4 in 1) is the telling of Welsh myths, which include Fey and Fairies, Dragons and enchantresses, Death and Other Worlds, Quests and True Love, among many other exciting things.  A definite recommend!