May 18, 2012

Best Of Friends - Part 6

Here's another amazing love story, straight out of Harry Potter! :) 

The cat's name is Fum, and the owl is, no, not Hedwig, but Gebra.  They've both known each other since they were a month old, and this is them, a year later...

May 10, 2012


A certain Mr. Rick Newman's just come up with a book, Rebounders: How Winners Pivot from Setback to Success, in which he describes the results of his research into what ties 12 successful people from different backgrounds. And yes, one of the people mentioned is none other than Jo Rowling herself.
So really, what are the points in common between all those people? Well, it's all common sense, really, but it's nevertheless a great reminder to go over them:
  1.  They accept failure (and can recognize their own mistakes)
  2. They compartmentalize their emotions (they don't internalize bad feelings)
  3. They have a bias toward action (responding aggressively to a challenge)
  4. They change their minds sometimes (the need to discard old thinking and reprogram a dream)
  5. They prepare for things to go wrong (rebounders are not necessarily optimists)
  6. They're comfortable with discomfort (they're willing to accept inconveniences as long as it leads them closer to an important goal)
  7. They're willing to wait (overnight success is deceptively untrue)
  8. They have heroes (rebounders set and meet higher standards when inspired by others)
  9. They have more than passion (success requires drive too)

And of course, may the odds ever be in your favor ;)

Thanks to yahoo for the article!