October 5, 2011

Unified Field Theory

Current Writing Stage: Discovery (aka research).

That’s right, like Joan Rowling before me, I’m planning out my full book cycle ahead of time, to make sure the whole story flows smoothly.  Otherwise, how could I ensure a good sense of continuity without jarring if I don’t even know what’s going to happen later?

However, I’m juggling with so many different topics right now (all quite exciting, I can assure you.  Well, in my opinion if that has any weight), that I feel like I’m on a quest to discover the Unified Field Theory.  And considering not even Einstein managed to figure it out, I’m sure you can see this quest of mine is no joke.

Unified Field Theory:  physics theory that’s supposed to find the relationship between all theories explaining our universe (ex: nuclear, gravitational, electromagnetic, other).

Still, I enjoy all of this quite a bit.  Math has taught me that, in order to solve big, complicated problems, I just need to break them down into smaller, manageable portions, and that’s exactly what I’m doing here.

And I’m nearly done!  For starting with the New Year, I’ll finally be able to progress on to the next stage:  Planning :)

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  1. The foundation of physical Maths is Geometry....for the Unified theory you require Equilateral geometry ...www.tetryonics.com