November 17, 2011

The Cruxiness Of Planning

When, about 6 months ago, I decided to get back to my novel (I’d taken a side trip to script-writing), I figured I’d do it with a plan!  *Boo yeah!*

Why?  Simple reason:  when I first started working on my story, it was a simple one.  A neat, boxy hut made out or wood.  But, as I wrote on, I kept coming up with more ideas.  Cue in more rooms, more floors, perhaps a balcony here and there…  Started doing revisions (aka took out some rooms, remodeled others, and added still more).  And some more revisions.  And yet again, until my neat little hut turned into this:

I know, right?

So instead, I’m doing it the “right” way.  Or at least the right way for me.  Which is to plan out my entire series ahead of time, then write it (I have a feeling this will save me a lot of rewrites).

My inspiration came from reading that J.K. Rowling had planned all of her 7 books ahead of time before writing even book 1.  Which is quite a bit of work, let me tell ya.  I mean, look at this page of story planning from JKR, and that’s just for the Order of the Phoenix! 

(Thanks harrypotterforwriters for the borrow!)

So despite this taking much longer than at first anticipated, I know I’m on the right track! 

Go plotting!

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