December 1, 2011

Boring Party? No Problem...

“If I’m at a dull party I’ll invent some kind of game for myself and then pick someone to play it with so that I am, in effect, writing a scene. I’m supplying my half of the dialogue and hoping the other half comes up to standards. If it doesn’t, I try to direct it that way.”
—Evan Hunter

         How much more interesting would the evening be, if you started a conversation with “did you know that my neighbor got killed last week?    Yeah, it's the usual: Bored kids, annoying parents…  Except they caught a bunch of 10th graders performing some kind of voodoo ritual in the gym the other month and then one of the kids committed suicide…” 

Yeah.  Making up random stories for random people sounds kinda fun, actually.  I think I may try it.  I wonder what genre though…  Scifi?  Fantasy?  Horror?  Crime? 

On a side note, my boss came to work with a sword today.  Apparently he's been to some regressive hypnotherapist and now believes he's a knight of the round table.  I've been officially named his valet and spent the day dragon hunting...

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