January 8, 2009

Vis Viva – Living Force

Vis Viva is the underlying (or should I say overlying?) title of my trilogy. It is Latin for Living Force and is one of the earliest formulations of the conservation of energy theory. The term, according to Wikipedia, is now applied in the context of celestial mechanics (for more information click here).

Why such a title, you might ask? Well, it’s because I believe that everything is energy and that:

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it merely changes form.”

(The first law of thermodynamics is based on that concept. Once again, you can check it out on Wikipedia here).

Because of this, I also believe that everything we do has consequences. And I don’t just mean actions but thoughts as well. That is why I firmly believe that you can achieve anything you wish for if you truly believe in it (I suppose another name for this is faith, in yourself at least if nothing else). It’s the whole Ask and Ye Shall Receive (Bible, Matthew 21:22) concept.

Therefore, to all you boys/girls/etc. who read this, I say: "Don’t get discouraged; if you truly want something, go for it, and it will happen!"



  1. Second law of thermodynamics: entropy achieves its maximum value in the equilibrium state.

    What does that mean in your context?


  2. To be quite honest, I am really not an expert on physics, but this is my take on it (I could be entirely wrong, which wouldn't be the first time):

    From what I gathered from Wiki (yes, again), entropy is a way to measure how likely unexpected changes are to occur in a system, and the more entropy there is, the higher the probability of a change happening.

    To me, it brings to mind the fact that everything is change, nothing is every really the same. Therefore even systems that are supposedly not changing are still in motion somehow (I'm thinking about the atomic level here, and even smaller).

    Does any of this make sense?

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere! Hey, I know how close you were to the Second Law at one point of your career :)

  4. Thank you!

    Hmm... The Second Law... it was very interesting to work with Dr. Sheehan and Dr. Wright on it. Very interesting concepts they came up with.

    I believe Dr. Sheehan's subsequent project had to do with Time and what it truly is. Another thing I will end up touching on at one point over here :)

  5. faudra penser à faire la traduction en Français, car si en plus ça parle physique je vais être perdue!

    En tout cas j'ai hâte de lire ton livre publié et que tu reçoives tous les honneurs :-)

  6. Ne t'en fais pas, tout ne sera pas que de la physique. Et puis, tu peux toujours me dire ce que tu ne comprends pas ou me demander de m'expliquer sur quelque chose. Je ferais mon possible pour tout t'expliquer (y compris traduire mon message en francais s'il le faut--mais cela se ferai dans les sections "commentaires").

    Moi aussi j'ai hate que mon livre soit publie :)