April 17, 2009

The Truth Behind Professor X’s Powers - X-MEN Series 2/2

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Professor X has amazing brain power. And I mean amazing. Seriously, who doesn’t agree with me?

I’ve always watched that cartoon (no, I never read the comics, don’t kill me, please) wishing I could e one of those X-Men too, with super powers of my own (as long as I still looked like a human, of course). But what if us non-mutant-regular-so-not-super-powered humans could do it too? I’m speaking about doing something like Professor Xavier’s tricks, of course, not poofing in and out of places like Nightcrawler.

Yes. I’m being serious.

So here’s the deal. You know how when he uses his power (I said Professor X!), there are these wave thingies that seem to come out of his brain?

Well, I postulate that it’s his electromagnetic (EM) field acting. That’s right. Because you see, as I learned not too long ago (in the last year or so to be somewhat exact), our own brain has its own, if somewhat feeble EM field.

Yeah, I know, crazy huh? Well, anyway, there’s this super crazy theory out there called the Cemi Field Theory (stands for Conscious Electro Magnetic Information Field Theory) that says:

“There is considerable evidence that neurons do indeed communicate through the EM field (known as field coupling). The Cemi Field Theory . . . shows that the brain’s weak but complex EM field allows each cell instant access to the information contained in every other cell in the brain.” (p. 290, Lost Star of Myth and Time, Walter Cruttenden).

Now, I don’t know if it’s anything that’s been proven 100% yet, but it hasn’t been disproved either. So let’s pretend it’s correct. Then what does it mean? Well, here’s my reasoning (and please, tell me if it’s flawed in any way--see comments section below):

1. Our thoughts create a reaction in the EM field around our brain:

“The starting point for these theories is the fact that every time a neuron fires to generate an action potential and a postsynaptic potential in the next neuron down the line, it also generates a disturbance to the surrounding [EM] field.” (Wikipedia).

2. Our EM Field then transmits the information to the rest of our body (so it’s not just our secreting hormones and other such gooey things that helps our body function).

3. Therefore, because of this link, if something outside of us affects our EM field, then it’s bound to affect us. Example: the weather affects us. If it’s gray all the time, people have a tendency to be moody, angry, depressed. Whereas the presence of sun generally has the opposite effect (we’ll talk about that in a later blog post). For instance, I know that when it’s rainy, I have a tendency to feel more tired than when it’s sunny.

Which reminds me, don’t perform acupuncture when there’s a storm outside, I heard it can be dangerous!

4. So if something external can affect us then we can affect the outside world as well:

“There’s a direct connection between nature and our bodies. But not only could weather have an effect on our bodies, so too could the emotional ‘field’ of others.” (p. 30, The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells, Dr. Robin Kelley).

Uhhh, I think I’m getting lost with all those numbers. Anyways, all I’m saying is that I think Professor X is just really, really good at using his EM field to interact with others. Now, if he could just hand us the How-To Manual, that would awesome. Cause I mean, even though I know there’s an EM field floating around my head, how the hell do I manage to control what it does, or how it affects others? (Is this where meditation comes in?)

Can you just imagine what it would be like? We wouldn’t need cell phones anymore, we could just tune in our EM fields and voilà, instant access to the one you’re calling, even in the middle of nowhere (though I’m thinking this might require our EM fields to be able to expand somehow till they “meet” the other EM fields we want to talk to, and I have NO idea how that would work).

Well, that’s my theory of the day. What do you think about it? I’m serious, I really wanna hear what you think on the subject. And I promise to take your ideas with the same consideration you’re taking mine with :)

- Alessa

PS: Speaking about X-Men, I can’t WAIT to go see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It looks awesome. And here’s a little preview :)


  1. An interesting idea; Our brains affect electro-magnetic fields therefore electro-magnetic fields should affect our brains.

    I must give my $.01 worth (I don't know if what I have to say is worth a full two cents, especially in this economy).

    The brain will always be the most fantastic and complicated structure in the universe. Many trillions of synchronized electrical reactions must occur for it to do the things it does.

    A good analogy would be a full 100 person orchestra. The London Symphony Orchestra I would argue is comparable to the mind of Stephen Hawking, whereas my 6th grade band is comparable to the mind of George W. Bush. In a good orchestra, every instrument is in tune, every musician is synchronized, and not only that, there is a conductor who notices errors and corrects for them. When all of these things are just right, the effect is dazzling. It can move hearts and drain tear ducts. But only if everything is just right.

    The coordinated efforts of the orchestra produce wind currents that have a direct relation to the sounds they produce. Every combined note has a one-to-one mapping with a 3-dimensional vector map of wind currents that are generated by the members of the orchestra.

    In this analogy the effect of external electromagnetic waves on the brain would be similar to the effect of a windstorm blowing over vacant instruments. A sound will be produced, but it will be entirely noise and will not amount to anything discernible or meaningful.

    Personally, I’m extremely elated by this fact. The EM spectrum is pretty crowded (http://www.lbl.gov/MicroWorlds/ALSTool/EMSpec/EMSpec2.html). I would be very disheartened if my mood and concentration was disturbed every time somebody opened their garage door or the Oprah show started.

    But I enjoyed the thought experiment! Keep ‘em coming Alessa Michelle Ellefson!

  2. First off, my middle name is not Michelle, however much I like that name, just so's you know :)

    And though I like your very fanciful example (I love classical concerts), I beg to differ with your interpretation of what happens with our EM field. After all, we aren’t really inanimate objects, we’re organic beings that are constantly in movement and changing.

    I believe that anything that produces waves has the ability to affect us, affect our field. But for that, those waves need to come into contact with the waves we create. Therefore, it's not because a neighbor's moved by Oprah's latest show that you're necessarily going to get affected by it. On the other hand, if you're close enough to have the Oprah fan’s waves interact with yours and you’re not affected, maybe it’s because you've made your body immune to other people's reactions unless they're really, really strong.

    But it doesn't mean that what affects your EM field doesn't affect you. For instance, the sun affects our release of hormones into our system (ex: melatonin -- see interesting article: http://www.ehponline.org/members/2008/116-4/focus.html). The moon affects us as well (don't people turned into wolves during the full moon? Or at least make them more aggressive?).

    And that’s just one example. Research’s showing how other, technologically-made energy waves (like those produced by cell phones or power lines) affect us as well (even though we may not feel the effects immediately):

    "The results suggested that cellular phones may reversibly influence the human brain, inducing abnormal slow waves in EEG of awake persons." (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12881192)

    I'm not too sure whether our EM Field's a product of our brain or something else (who knows?), but however it came to be there it does get affected and, I believe, affects our brain (I mean those waves affect our EM field BEFORE our brain, don’t they?).

    And now I’m thinking (yeah, that doesn’t happen very often), maybe our EM field’s also the source of our sixth sense. The more attuned we are to shifts in our EM field, the more likely we are to respond to subtle changes around us (for example, realizing there’s someone nearby who really, really wants to kill you (no, not me, it’s just an example). Btw, you learn to detect this intent in Bujinkan classes--you should stop by more often^^).

    And I’m thinking, maybe Professor X was so powerful because he really could control his EM field and expand it wherever he wanted to reach whomever he wanted?

  3. I confess, I've never seen the cartoon.

  4. Really?! Oh, they were so much fun :) I used to "cartoon crush" on Gambit. I'm curious to see how the live person they've picked to play him looks on the big screen...

  5. Nice post! Would love to see the new X-Men movie with you :)


  6. Wish I could see it with you too! Maybe if it's out on DVD in Belgium at Christmas time we'll be able to rent it :)

  7. Interesting blog. This reminds me of the Celestine Prophecy, one of my favorite books. In it, they talk about the EM field, which I think is sort of like what you're talking about in your blog.

  8. Yes, Jennifer, I think you're completely right.

    I think James Redfield touched on some very interesting ideas, including the fact that we are all part of this universal energy field.

    I particularly like his interpretation of our insights and intuition. I'm wondering whether those could be signs of us reading the energy intuitively and interpreting it.

    And I think this is what could be in play with dowsing and pendulums, among other things. Of course, more research needs to be undertaken to prove (or disprove, whichever may be the case) the workings of both, but I believe that, when done correctly, that is what happens.

    Huh, just thought about something: I wonder if that's what happens with Tarot cards as well (though definitely a lot more complicated than the two previously mentioned "divination" methods as dowsing and the pendulum are mainly used to determine things in the present and not the future). And I wonder if the reason people are often asked to cut the deck using the left hand is because it makes the right side of our brain do the work, which is the side linked to intuition and more in tune with our environment (as opposed to the left-hand part of the brain which is all math and logic).

    But again, this is all conjecture on my part :)