October 26, 2009

Preparations to World Fantasy Convention

Good Evening Everyone,

Not much to say today, just got Very Busy. Now getting ready for the World Fantasy Convention coming up at the end of this week. I am both excited and anxious. I have no idea what to expect of this trip, I'm just hoping it's all good, or even better, GREAT!

One of the highlights will be that I will finally be able to meet Ken Scholes, the writer of the fantabulously contorted Lamentation, which I loved (I kept on trying to figure out what was going to happen only to get my theories flung back in the face--Awesome!).

I will let you know what happened, who I got to meet, things I got to do or not... When I get back. Which will be beginning November (already T^T time sure flies by, doesn't it?).

Until then, make sure you make plenty of good stories of your own (filled with laughter...laughter's always a must!).

--The Writing Apprentice

PS: If anyone has any tips or pieces of knowledge on this convention, please feel free to share them. I can tell you they'll be GREATLY appreciated :)


  1. Don't stress, practice your pitch beforehand (if you have one ready), and try to meet as may people as you can. GL!

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. I am planning on meeting lots of people, including Ken Scholes, the writer of Lamentations and Canticle, both part of an awesome fantasy series!

  3. Hello All! I've decided to post some of my observations/feelings about WFC 2009 in the comments section instead.

    So here goes:
    this convention's really interesting as most of the people there are writers, and a lot of those are published authors! Yep, that's right. You get to brush sleeves with the cream of the crop!

    What's interesting about that, is that you get to see who the people behind your favorite stories are, what they're like. And believe you me, it's a WHOLE different world! Whenever I step onto the Ballroom floor (where all the meetings/lectures/readings are held), I feel like I HAVE stepped into a fantasy world.

    I have to admit that, being a super shy person, I have a hard time talking to random people (TG for Heather's presence, really!), but when I do, they're all super nice. Well, ok, that's a slight exaggeration (some of the authors look positively annoyed), but that's just a few sour grapes in the bowl. Can just toss them away.

    Obviously, got to meet with Ken Scholes, a fantastic person live, who not only writes super intricate stories that keep you guessing till the end (and beyond), but who can play guitar and sing super well too, and is just an all around great person to be around.

    Ok, folks. I was planning on doing a little writing today too, so I've gotta go. TTYL!

  4. Well folks, the conference ended superbly. Got to meet lots of really interesting, smart and funny writers (some published too!) and I had a blast!
    I think I could get used to being a full-time writer :)
    Anyone else interested? I definitely recommend it!