May 9, 2011

Broken Tin Man

What once had filled me with such joy and made me whole
Has turned to bitter acid and bored a wide hole
Straight through the well-polished sheets of my brand new heart.
And all it once contained is now leaking away
Down my tin cheeks; all that’s left is rust and decay.

What strange feeling is leaving me felled as a tree?
No mill wrighting can fix this sudden amputee;
No helicoils may weld back what’s been rent apart.
I open my chest, unscrew the metallic scrap
And stare… Where there was a heart, now stands a vast gap.

And the wizard who gave it me has departed
Out of reach in some land as of yet unchartered.
There is no more magic left or any dark art
For those scrapped in this arcane world of joy and pain.
Like Humpty, I can’t be put together again.

1 comment:

  1. PS: I did get put together again. Just as soon as I finished writing this poor poem. Quite therapeutic, I'm tellin' ya! :)