May 1, 2013

Arthur, Merlin & The Faerie Queene

Faire virgin (said the Prince) ye me require
A thing without the compass of my wit:
For both the lignage and the certain Sire,
From which I sprong, from me are hidden yit.

Thither the great Magicien Merlin came
As was his use, ofttimes to vist me:
For he had charge my discipline to frame,
And Tutours mouriture to ouersee.
Him oft and oft I askt in priuitie,
Of what loines and what lignage I did spring:
Whose aunswere bad me still assued bee,
That I was sonne and heire unto a king,
As time in her iust terme the truth to light should bring.

Well worthy impe, said the Lady gent,
And Pupill fit for such a Tutours hand.
But what aduenture, or what high intent
Hath brought you hither into Faery land,
Area Prince Arthur, crowne of Martiall band?

~Edmund Spencer, The Faerie Queen

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