August 27, 2013

Learning Inception-Style

Now that school’s about to start (or has just started), I know many a student who will bemoan the fact that there’s going be waaaaaay too much material to learn; meaning lots and lots and lots of repetitive exercises until the lessons are well anchored in their neurons.

But according to some joint US and Japanese studies, it appears that some time in the future, students will be able to just download that knowledge into their brain:

“It can ‘incept’ a person to acquire new learning, skills or memory, or possibly to restore skills or knowledge that has been damaged through accident, disease or aging, without a person’s awareness of what is learned or memorized.”

However, don’t think you can just sleep on your schoolbooks and have the information seep into your mind just yet.  So far, the study’s only involved visual perceptual learning via the early visual cortex, but scientists believe that this type of learning might be applied to other areas of the brain as well.

As always, there’s a word of caution that accompanies such research:  be careful of how people end up using these methods—perhaps they’ll try to implant new memories inside you or brainwash you more easily so some Evil Mastermind will be able to ply you to do its bidding more readily!


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