October 8, 2013

Key Habit Of A Successful Novelist

The following tip should go without saying, but I often find I need to be reminded of it when I get lost in dreams of my ideal writing life...

So here's the tip I'd like to share with you:

Make writing a pleasure.

"Write because you love to write.  Because you need to write.  Because you would be incomplete if you didn't.
Writing, editing, and rewriting can be physically and mentally tough work.  Nevertheless, you shouldn't look at it from  that perspective.  Remind yourself why you are doing it--that your work will make other people happy, invite debate, or make readers once again believe in romance.  It's okay to have a tough day where you have to slog it out in front of the computer, but overall, seek out the pleasure of writing, and readers will find pleasure and inspiration in your work."

Indeed, I find that my best passages are those written while I was enjoying the whole process.  The key (and most difficult process I've found), is to actually sit down and do it (I'm an expert in the art of procrastination).

From 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists.


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