April 8, 2014

Progression Of An Angry Note

I currently live in an apartment complex where parking spots are so tight that, even if you're parked straight in the middle of your assigned space, you're bound to get your doors banged and nicked (which is why I just don't understand why anyone would want to have a nice-looking car worth a year's worth (or two) of income when living here.

In any case, I once got to come back to finding my neighbor's car parked so poorly (diagonally and partially on the line between our spots, that I had the toughest time getting to park in my spot (and, having become thoroughly Americanized, I wouldn't park it 5 minutes away on the street either). Please note that on the other side of my car are metallic posts, so my ability to park further away is severely limited.

Needless to say, after a horridly long day at work, I just didn't have any patience left, and ripped a page out of my precious notebook (the very one I use to keep all notes on the Morgana Trilogy!!!) to write out a note to my parking neighbor:

Great job on the parking, motherf@#$#$T%!!!!

I breathed heavily upon finishing up note #1, which allowed me to cool down just a tad bit. So I tossed that note aside, ripped another piece of blank paper from my notebook, and wrote note #2:

Great job on the parking! Next time you park like that, I'll have your car towed!

I opened my door and had to squeeze through to get out. While doing so, I realized the car wasn't actually over the line, so while I walked to the other side of my car to pick up my personal belongings via the passenger side, I decided to write note #3 (grosso modo):

Your parking made it nearly impossible for me to get out in and out of my car. It was very inconsiderate of you.

I left note #3 on the other car's windshield and tossed the first two to the bin.

The next morning, I had a blast watching (from a secret position) my neighbor try to pull his car out of his spot without hitting my car but, and this really surprised me, I got a note the morning after (via the trustworthy means of the windshield and wiper blade combo) from my neighbor how profusely apologized. Which made me feel so much better and changed my opinion of him from dirtbag who can't drive to cool guy.

My lesson that week was to allow anger to cool off before confronting someone when he/she's doing something you don't like. And to do so politely, for people then react much more amenably and are less inclined to argue back (no ruffled feathers).


  1. Good post =) Giving someone the benefit of the doubt goes a long way to making the world a better place.

    1. Right? I just need to remind myself to cool down first, then everything will be OK :)