January 6, 2015

On Deciphering Some Great Composers' Handwriting

This is just a quick post to say how great I think the inventor of the music staff was! Otherwise, I'm not sure how we'd be able to decipher some of our great composers' masterpieces, especially when something as simple as a G clef can apparently be written in so many different ways...

I mean, this is what Beethoven's copyists had to deal with:
Cello Sonata Opus 69?


  1. Hi Alessa,
    You probably do not know me from this side. I am deeply in love with classical music. First and foremost Bach, then a lot of Beethoven. Among LvB's work, Cello Sonata Op.69. Check your e-mail :)
    Jacqueline du Pre was one of the greatest talent in the history of performing music. She had the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis in mid 20s and stopped performing at 28. I recommend the movie "Hillary and Jackie".
    As to Beethoven, his Late String Quartets are even harder to decipher, I understand. When in college, I tried to write a program that played their fragments. Complete failure.

    1. Loved the piece. Then again, Beethoven was always my favorite to play on the piano. So thank you for sharing with me :)
      I really liked the movie Hillary and Jackie (though the ending still confuses me some--does she really go back into the past somehow?), but didn't know it had been based on a real person!
      Have you considered giving your program another go? It'd be really sweet!