August 8, 2016

The War Of Art: On Resistance & Healing

I just had to make another post (as warned in my previous one) on Steven Pressfield's The War of Art because this part he mentions Resistance (aka the Great Tempter away from your heart's task or, in my case, writing) and Healing.

Healing?! you might say. And yes, basically, in this instance "Healing" is used as a way to resist our true calling and getting my butt in the seat to type away! (Seriously though, I will get to it right after I've finished this post!)

Here are some excerpts from his piece on Resistance and Healing that really resonated with me:

The concept...seems to be that one needs to complete his healing before he is ready to do his work. 

[But] what are we trying to heal, anyway? The athlete knows the day will never come when he wakes up pain-free. He has to play hurt.

Remember...the part we create from can't be touched by anything our parents did, or society did. That part is unsullied, uncorrupted; soundproof, waterproof, and bulletproof. In fact, the more troubles we've got, the better and richer that part becomes.

Besides, what better way of healing [our personal life] than to find our center of self-sovereignty? 
Resistance loves "healing." Resistance knows that the more psychic energy we expend dredging and re-dredging the tired, boring injustices of our personal lives, the less justice we have to do our work.

That's it. Simple yet beautiful.

And it hit me to the core because as I've mentioned recently, I totally am guilty of this type of resistance (a repeat-offender, might I add), and when I'm not feeling 100% OK, I do have a tendency to slip into the I'll-get-to-it-tomorrow-when-I-feel-better mode. Yet, there have been a number of times where, despite how poorly I may have felt at that moment, I managed to plunder through my writing and, lo and behold!, felt so much better afterwards.

OK. Now I'm really going back to my writing.  So long, folks!


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