January 1, 2018


Those who are already wise no longer love wisdom - whether they are gods or men.
Similarly, those whose own ignorance as made them bad, rotten, evil, 
do not strive for wisdom either. For no evil or ignorant person ever strives
for wisdom.

What remains are those who suffer from ignorance but still retain some sense
and understanding. They are conscious of knowing what they don't know.

~Socrates, in Plato's Lysis, 4th c. BC


  1. Nice quote, especially the last part. Being a jaded cynic I don't think many people in 2018 would understand the quote. Not too many in 4th c. BC either :) Of course teachers are in a better position to be aware of their own ignorance.
    Welcome back! (or maybe I just could not see your posts...)

    1. OMG, didn't even see your comment until now!! Apologies for the super late reply (is 1.5 years still "acceptable"?).
      I think this quote is still very appropriate these days...