February 26, 2019

King Arthur's Cry Of The Heart - A Song From Catherine Lara's Musical

The Legendary Blade
by ourlak aka Tierno Beauregard
I am in the last throes of editing Curse of the Fey, the last entry in my Morgana Trilogy. I have to say, being a writer is not always *cough*never*cough* easy--especially when some passages still seem so far from good despite going through dozens of edits (and sometimes total revamps). It is also very solitary work that's a killer on my joints and mental fortitude.

So I find encouragement and inspiration to keep on going where I can (and hearing from people who've enjoyed my story thus far is THE best). One of these sources is listening to the album Graal by Catherine Lara.

Graal is a French/Canadian musical that, unfortunately, never made it to the stage (though I'd probably have missed the presentations since at the time the music came out I was still living in the States). It is beautifully composed and written, and the songs are performed by an amazing cast (troupe?) of singers.

One of the songs that always raises goose bumps down my arms, is that of King Arthur (performed by a fellow Belgian, Pablo Villafranca). I know that the song's in French, but one need not necessarily understand the lyrics to feel what it's telling us.

Arthur sings it at the very end when love, jealousy and betrayal have ripped his kingdom and heart to pieces...and yet he finds the strength in him to forgive.

 I'm sorry, I couldn't find the original MV for this song

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