May 15, 2019

Which FRIENDS Character Are You?

One of my favorite TV shows (if not my all-time fave) is FRIENDS. It's like my comfort food when I'm tired or feeling a little blue (especially now that I'm no longer allowed to have sweets of any kind). So it doesn't surprise me when I hear people say that it's still the #1 viewed show in the world...25 years after the first episode was shown!

I love the banter between the characters, how (sometimes brutally) honest they can be with each other, and that no matter whether they've had a fight or not, they'll always be there for each other (great theme song, btw!).

Growing up, that 's how I'd pictured my life would be once I moved to the US (of course, reality turned out to be quite different).

Funnily, whenever I watch the show now, I can see a part of each of the six friends in myself, too:

  • Monica's extreme diplomacy
  • Phoebe's ultra-scientific approach to life
  • Chandler's athleticism
  • Rachel's tough-girls-don't-cry attitude
  • Joey's quick-wittiness, and
  • Ross's too-cool for schoolness
What about you? Do you see yourself in the characters? 

If you need help, here's a link to a fun FRIENDS personality Quiz (I got Monica) :)

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