April 30, 2012

Best Of Friends - Part 5

For some reason, the following story reminds me of a French children's song that I love...   

I've come to save you. Quick! Follow me...

...La petite biche est aux abois,
Dans les bois se cache le loup!
The two ran so fast and for so long, the wolf never
caught up to them.  But they had to take a bath...

Ouh! Ouh! Ouh! Ouh!
Mais le brave lapin est passe.
Il aida la biche a se sauver!
Eh, eh, eh, eh...

...before they could enjoy the sun set together.

Yes, I know, I took a few liberties with this one and changed the last two verses, but when you see these two love-birds, I'm sure you understand...

Ze End.

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