April 4, 2012


He hated all good workes and vertuous deeds,
And him no lesse, that any like did use;
And who with gratious bread the hungry feeds,
His almes for want of faith he doth accuse.
So every good to bad he doth abuse;
And eke the verse of famous Poets witt
He does backebite, and spightfull poison spues
From leprous mouth on all that ever writt.
Such one vile Envy was, that fifte in row did sitt.

The Faerie Queen, Edmund Spenser

Art by Tai Shou Tsubasa on deviantart

Truer words have not be spoken.  So if you happen to be the victim of any such abuse, it's very probably it's because your bully sees something in you he or she wants.  Don't be afraid to be who you are and walk tall!

PS: for all those of you who may happen to be in High School... don't worry.  (Most) everyone has a hard time in high school, trying to figure out what or who they are.  But those years go by fast, though they may seem interminably long to you (as they did for me).  And you'll see.  Already in college you'll be prized for your differences instead of being shunned for them.  So take courage, strive to become a better person, and be proud of yourself!

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