April 7, 2012

A Knight's Oath

    It's interesting to see how one was expected to live back in the Middle Ages if one was to be a knight.  Sure, they had to be good Christians, be loyal to their King and accomplish lots of great deeds... but the most important goal was to gain one woman's love only.

“To reverence King, as if he were
Their conscience, and their conscience as their King,
To break the heathen and upholding the Christ
To ride abroad redressing human wrongs,
To speak no slander, no, nor listen to it,
To honour his own word as if his God’s,
To lead sweet lives in purest chastity,
To love one maiden only, cleave to her,
And worship her by years of noble deeds,
Until they won her.”
~Le Morte D'Arthur, Sir Thomas Malory

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