December 18, 2011

Poetical Universe

Continuing with my physics research (hey, gotta not sound too stupid when writing my scifi portions), I came up with this quote from Brian Greene... It's again about our universe, and how galaxies came to be, and about how the microcosmos (quantum field) is tied to the macrocosmos (our universe at large populated by billions of galaxies):

"According to inflation[ary big bang theory], the more than 100 billion galaxies, sparkling throughout space like heavenly diamonds, are nothing but quantum mechanics writ large across the sky."

Aaaaah, so beautiful! And fascinating!

With that side note of poetry, I'm now headed back for more cosmology/quantum/Higg's-fields/theoretical-physics reading!

PS: To those who are intrigued, Mr. Greene does a rather good job at explaining the various theories (including the one mentioned here) in his book The Fabric of the Cosmos.

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  1. I hereby apologize to all those sick and tired of reading all these physics-related posts lately :p It will hopefully progress on to other topics once I'm done with this particular book.

    PS: I really like that illustration. Which makes me wonder whether I've already used it in a previous post or not...