January 27, 2012

Lucky or Unlucky? You Choose.

Studies have been made to discern the difference between people who consider themselves lucky, and those who don’t (see Luck Factor).

Of course, chance does bear its weight of responsibility in the matter, however it turns out that a lot more has to do with your own way of viewing the world.

Professor Richard Wiseman has narrowed it down to a set of principles which can be summed up thusly:

  1. Be open-minded: you’ll notice a lot more opportunities surrounding you which can give you a “chance” to progress in your endeavors, sometimes in a completely unexpected way. 
  2. Trust your instinct (see a previous post as for a reason why) and try to remain relaxed.
  3. Stay positive: even if you’re having a $*%&# time—those who remain positive persevere and don’t waste their time complaining over and over about their miserable state.
Conclusion? Don’t worry, be happy!

Note: Professor Wiseman also found that those who feel themselves lucky have a tendency to smile a lot more and make eye contact with people.

Ref: You make your own luck blogpost.

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