March 16, 2012

Best Of Friends - Part 3

Tsunamis and hurricanes are devastating forces of nature.  Often, though, we don't hear the rest of the animal kingdom's side of the story, which often doesn't have a happy ending...  Except perhaps with this baby hippopotamus.

Owen, less than a year old, managed to survive a Christmas tsunami on the Kenyan coast, but his mother did not.

However, he found an adoptive parent in a centennial tortoise in the Lafarge park of Mombasa. 

Doesn't matter that the tortoise is a male, they still eat, swim and sleep together.


But don't come too close to this happy pair, for Owen's quite protective and will try to bite you.  And don't let his young age fool you.  Even a baby hippo weighs more than 300 kilograms!

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