March 27, 2012

Filthy Lying Writers!

Not much going on in the writerly department these days, to my greatest horror.  Not until I got kicked in the derriere with this particular article...  Fellow writers, beware, the deadly lies we tell ourselves:

(Disclaimer: not for the faint of heart.  R-rated)

  1. I don't have time!
  2. It's okay I didn't write today, I'll do it tomorrow!
  3. I'll come back to this story after I write this other story!
  4. Oh noes, writer's block again!
  5. I can only write when the muse allows!
  6. My creative spark hath been extinguished!
  7. My characters are in control!
  8. That's not bad writing, that's my voice!
  9. I write only for me!
  10. I don't need an editor!
  11. I don't need to do any planning!
  12. I have nothing more to learn!
  13. I need [insert some bullshit here] to help me write!
  14. I need to write like [insert some other asshole's name here]!
  15. If I write, they will come!
  16. Money just cheapens the creative process!
  17. This draft needs to be perfect!
  18. My crap isn't as crappy as some other crap!
  19. But first I need to build my brand!
  20. Nobody has ever thought of this idea before!
  21. Writing should be easy/Delicious misery!
  22. This [insert system of publishing] is the only way!
  23. I'm the last beautiful Dodo bird on Earth!
  24. Writing is not a viable career/I can never do this professionally!
  25. I suck moist open ass!
Chuck Wendig
And on that note, I'm gonna check my books on how to create more Secret Creepy Writer Time!

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