August 1, 2012

Are E-Books The Way To Go?

   I didn't used to think e-books would ever dominate the regular book market.  Of course, it's not.  Yet.  I read some interesting statistics the other day on yahoo!finance, which stated that "e-revenue for new adult fiction is now higher than the revenue for hardcovers."

   Who would've thunk?  And, considering how Fifty Shades of Grey started and that its author is now a millionaire, despite the fact that said author had originally been rejected a number of times (please check my information if I'm wrong) by traditional publishers--though of course, after her online success, she did end up with a regular book deal (and a movie one on top of it).

   Of course, I'll always love the feel of a real, Beauty & the Beast-style library, with real books to peruse at my leisure or for reference... BUT, as a budding writer (yes, it's a long process for me) and a would-be author, I'm fairly interested in this new medium (and I say new because, well, writing on paper or parchment has been around for much longer).

   Hmmm... perhaps I shall let myself be tempted...  But first, I've got a book to write :p

PS:  for those of you interested, that over 2011, e-book sales represented 15% of the market share.

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