January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

2014 (roughly) is the year of the horse. I say roughly because the Chinese New Year depends on the moon's cycle, so the new year doesn't begin and end every year on the exact same day (same reason Easter always seems to hop around).

Anyway, what's so special about Horse people? Well, according to tradition (and this very nifty article here) people born under this sign are generally "energetic, bright and intelligent ... have excellent skills and enjoy being in the limelight [as they are] cheerful, popular, talented and enjoy entertaining" (dangit, why couldn't I have been born in the year of the horse?). These people are also thought to be rather "impatient and hot-blooded. Failure can lead to pessimism [and they are generally] bad at managing their finances" (OK, never mind, I don't mind being a horse then).

Aha! The article even says that those people who were not born in the year of the horse will find the year ahead to "bring health and prosperity." I'm likin' this prediction very mucho!

Happy New Year everyone!

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