July 22, 2014

A Wig's Story

A Hint to the Ladies to take Care of their Heads
The Museum of London
Humans are interesting creatures, don't you think? Particularly when it comes to fashion. I know that some people say that fashion is cyclical and what was old becomes new again. But I wonder, will the same be said of the use of wigs?

Back in the 18th century, they were quite à la mode. Here's a little poem of the time which describes the incident where Lady Laycock--famous for her elaborate hairpieces--ended up getting her hairy montage on fire...

Yet Miss at her rooms
Must beware of her plumes;
For if Vulcan her feather embraces,
Like poor Lady Laycock
She'll burn like a haycock,
And roast all the love and the graces.

Mme des Faveurs à la promenade à Londres

Hair: Fashion and Fantasy


  1. La peur de l'immolation est précisément la raison pour laquelle je ne porte pas une perruque.

    De angst van opoffering is precies de reden waarom ik niet een pruik te dragen.

    El miedo a la inmolación es precisamente la razón por la que no me pongo una peluca.

    I am curious in which language Google translate was the best.

    1. They're all pretty close to each other. Though for the French translation, I think it would be better to se "de perruque" instead of "une perruque" :)