October 28, 2014

Krakatoa, The Island Volcano

OK, I know there are plenty of islands out there that have been formed by volcanoes (just look at Hawaii for one prime example). So what's so special about Krakatoa?

How about being one of the loudest belchers in the world?

Fine, it's not like I've orchestrated a contest between volcanoes to see who could make the loudest, angriest sound. But in this instance, someone did record how strong the explosion one. And by someone, I mean many people...

August 1883: Krakatoa explodes in a series of violent blasts, bringing down tens of thousands of humans and countless animals. Its lava extended to neighboring islands, destroying all in its passage like a voracious monster. The eruptions were so loud one was heard 4800 km away, across the Indian Ocean to eastern Africa (a distance which took the sound wave approx. 4 hours to travel), while others were heard off the coasts of Australia and Southeast Asia.

Locally, the shock waves blasted windows apart and shook every house in a 160 km radius, and rendered many people permanently deaf. These shock waves were recorded all around the world while traveling 7 times around the Earth before they finally died down.

But you know what the scary part about all this is (if this wasn't scary enough)? Krakatoa isn't a supervolcano...

Historical eruption sounds


  1. "One of the loudest belchers in the world"? Wait until I come to visit you in Belgium and have six pints of some of the Brouwerij Van Eecke India Pale Ale :)

    1. I'm very much looking forward to that day! Perhaps I should invite some audio engineers as well? :)