November 25, 2014

A Few Notes On Progress

One of the (many) things that has (unfortunately) slowed down my progress with Rise of the Fey is my desire to write better than I did in my first book, and my fear of failing to do so.

But then I try to remember that one thing I've always enjoyed when watching shows or reading comics/manga is seeing the progress in the art over time. Hopefully, people will be able to see that same progress with my work as well...

Here are a few examples:

Mickey Mouse at his very beginning (and I believe I spot a Minnie as well!)
The Simpson family may not have aged over the years, but their style has.
Here is Snoopy over the years--he never lost his smile!

The original Smurf drawing (their hats have gotten a little rounder over time).
I hope this inspires you to keep working towards your goals and not give up, for you see, no one starts "perfect." :)


  1. I recall a few months ago getting an email about getting emailed a chapter a month until the release but only got that one chapter. Will we get more chapters leading up to the release?

    1. Hi Brittany,

      The second chapter was sent out on Oct. 31, and the third chapter is slated to come out today, though it may be tomorrow (Thanksgiving weekend has kinda scrambled things around). Let me know if you can't find the October newsletter and I'll forward you the email so you can read the second chapter!

    2. That would be great. It goes to a different email address, I only got the first email so if you can resend me the 2nd chapter, and the future updates I'd be thrilled.

    3. Hi Brittany,

      I just forwarded you the email with the second chapter. I'll also make sure my web administrator has your email address in her database so you won't miss out on any other email :)

      Hope you have a great day!


    4. Thank you so much, I got the 2nd chapter.