February 3, 2015

On The First Belgian King

King Leopold I was known to be quite easy on the eye, so to speak, with
plenty of conquests and portraits to prove it (though portraits shouldn't always be trusted).

And it's in part thanks to them that he went from street rat to sultan, so to speak (he was, after all, always a prince, even if a poor one).

Click here for more deets on the King and his rise to power!


  1. Indeed, easy on the eye, even mine :) I love your use of the words "deets". Reminds me of the following: "What is the casual form of 'casual"? It is 'cazh'".
    Off-topic: Speaking about Belgium, I have just finished reading Julio Cortazar's stories. I have not known he was born in Brussels.

    1. So would "speaking casually" become "cazh-ing"? (I did warn you I liked bad puns.)

      I hadn't even heard of Juilo Cortazar. Then again, it's no surprise since you're so much better-read than I am :) I hope you enjoyed his stories!