March 3, 2015

Taking The Pear-Shaped Figure A Little Too Far...

Before the advent of the 20th century, when the emancipation of the woman started and Paris fashion designer Paul Poiret changed dress designs quite dramatically (and back then, Paris was the center of fashion in the western world), dresses included two body shape-altering devices:

1. The corset: to make one appear thinner at the waist than in real life--the more antiquated and painful version of the spandex, I suppose...

2.  Crinoline: to make one's derriere look bigger and therefore more alluring (for I would say quite obvious reasons). Of course, both turned out to have their extremists :

Thought I'd share these fun tidbits with you. Have a great day!

Is fashion a science, an art...or child's play? (in French)


  1. I am sorry I haven't been commenting lately, but noticing the word "derriere" helped end my slumber (for I would say quite obvious reasons) :) I do not think, though, it would be in good taste for me to dwell on such a backward subject. The Image with crinoline reminds me of Calculus II - volumes of revolution. You say "Have a great day!" Tres belgique.

  2. Hello, hello!

    Please don't apologize for being unable to comment. I completely understand how life can get busy all of a sudden! I was too busy finishing up my book to be able to either reply to your lovely comment, or even post new content. So now I have to catch up >.<

    Of course you'd think of Calculus II when looking at the crinoline. Though I would venture to guess the same could be applied to the corset? :)

    Bonne journee! :D