May 6, 2015

When The Froggies And Limeys Buried The Hatchet

When both sides of the Channel Tunnel met (1990)
I just wanted to take a minute of your day to remember how, 21 years ago, the French and British officially opened the Eurotunnel (aka the Channel Tunnel) after spending years working together.
Hear, hear to international cooperation and all the great feats we can achieve together! Next project: the conquest of the universe? ;)

PS: OK, OK, they'd buried it a while back (though perhaps not verbally?), but it makes for a snappier article title, eh?


  1. Bozena and I have been at odds forever about frogness vs. limeyhood. She makes fun of exaggerated Oxford-sounding British English, I make fun of "voulez vous" and the oscillating amplitude of French dialogue. But seriously, the topic of "personal identification group" has always interested me. Some people are local patriots, like "I am first and foremost a New Yorker". Most people have allegiance to a country - "Proud to be Polish", etc. Well, I am mostly proud of being a European, and I am so happy that we have the EU, governed from this fascinating city of yours. Maybe EU should not standardize the shape of bananas, but I really do prefer Europe with EU rather than without it. I hope it lasts, contrary to many people's predictions.

    1. People are always quick to blame others for the bad things happening to them, instead of working together to find a solution. Unfortunately, I don't think that aspect will ever change in humans. But hopefully there'll always be more out there who are willing to put their differences aside to make a bigger, better, brighter common future!
      I feel rather universal (or global) in terms of how I view myself. I feel there are good things to learn from and emulate in every country, just like there are things one should avoid to do. And I think it's good for people to be proud of their city/country/continent, so long as it doesn't blind them about the good things that come from outside their chosen sphere. That's why I really like the EU too. Of course, no system's perfect, but that means there's always room to grow and strive to improve!