November 20, 2016

King Richard The Lionheart

Here's a fun little fact I just garnered from reading Romance & Legend of Chivalry by A. R. Hope Moncrieff...

Remember Robin Hood (my favorite Disney cartoon, actually)?  Well, the real King Richard the Lionheart got his name, apparently, not because he had a stalwart heart--something I strongly believed in my youth-but because the man apparently "thrust his arm down a lion's throat to pull out its heart."

Granted, this could have been an extra exploit added on by some overzealous minstrel singing of the Crusaders' bloody deeds.


  1. Indeed a funny fact. Made me look him up in Wikipedia (don't have better sources at my disposal) and find the following: "He was also known in Occitan as Oc e No (Yes and No), because of his reputation for terseness. I admire men who do not talk much :)

    1. Ok, I did not know that. That's really cool :) I also like it when people are straightforward.
      PS: Wikipedia is still cool for a lot of things (not all, but a lot)!