December 29, 2016

Questions On True Love By Surrealists

Les amants - René Magritte
I am currently getting acquainted with the roaring twenties for a future story, and fell on this little extract from a surrealist magazine, La Révolution surréaliste, which asked its readers the following questions on love in 1929:

  1. What kind of hope do you place in love?
  2. How do you envision the passage of the THOUGHT OF LOVE to the FACT OF LOVING? Would you, voluntarily or not, sacrifice your freedom for love? Have you done it? Would you be willing, if necessary, to sacrifice a cause you until then thought you should always defend so as not to prove yourself unworthy of love? Would you accept to not become the person you could have become if instead you could fully taste the certainty of loving? How would you judge someone who would betray his/her convictions to please the one s/he loves? Can such a token be asked of someone, could it be received?
These questions, among many, are quite thought-provoking. How would you honestly respond to such questions?

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