February 4, 2018

Unwritten Romance Storytelling Rule

I recently came across this quote by Hayao Miyazaki (yes, I'm a total fan of his) about how he likes to portray relationships in his stories(1):

I feel that in our day and age, when there's a huge backlash against typical fairy tales and a strong push to have girls and women take a bigger role in all storytelling (which I highly approve of), it's important not to forget either that the best relationships (in my opinion) are those based on mutuality: Mutual respect, mutual inspiration, mutual love...

(1) If you haven't seen any of his movies, I highly recommend them--not only are they beautiful, but the stories are heart-warming in the best of ways! And if you wish to know which you'd like to see first...well all the ones portrayed here are a good place to start, without forgetting My Neighbor Totoro, and my personal favorite, Whispers of the Heart :)


  1. That sounds to me like the most beautiful portrayal of love between a man and a woman. And, as you say, a romantic conclusion does not to ensue. Mutually inspiring each other to be the best versions of themselves, that is, to me, the purest form of love. Will dig into Miyazaki as soon as I find some time.

    1. I think so too, it's why I just had to share this :)

    2. PS: I'm very curious to see which one will be your favorite!