August 1, 2020

August 1913 - The Year Before The Storm

Ford assembly line in 1913

Anecdotes of the month include:

  • Aug 3:
    Artist suffocates inside a pile of sand at Berlin Jungfernheide.
    His art consisted of being buried alive for up to five minutes at a time, but today, his director got carried away by a conversation, and forgot to excavate him until ten minutes had already passed.
  • Aug. 16:
    For the first time ever, an assembly line is put together at the Ford automobile factory, in Detroit.
  • Aug 22:
    The Austro-Hungarian army wants to strengthen itself, and so starts a search for deserters from military service. The police publish a missing persons notice:
    'Hietler, Adolf,
    last known residence in a men's hostel in Meldemannstrasse, Vienna,
    current residence unknown,
    enquiries under way.'
  • Aug 28:
    Celebrations of Goethe's birthday.
    Emperor Franz Joseph goes hunting and shoots a goat.


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