February 13, 2013

Music the Key to the Universe?

Recent studies at MIT attempted to use the proteins of manmade silk fibers as notes and came away with the conclusion that:  “silk with good physical properties produced pleasing music.”

The MIT team realized that, by using good-sounding music as directions (instead of by trial-and-error), they were able to create a synthetic silk with “exceptional properties.”  Those silk strands that the team produced that were failures turned out to “produce” music that sounds discordant to the human ear.

This would explain why music has such a result on water molecules, as discussed in a previous post, or why cows who listen to Mozart produce better milk.

Another scientist, Joel Sternheimer, found that the music produced by converting the amino acids of a plant into musical notes actually produced a pleasing song and, more surprisingly, when that song was played back to the plant, it helped it grow even faster!

Not only that, but the whole universe is may follow patterns described by the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,…) which “converts directly to [a] common musical scale found around the world throughout the ages.”   It therefore does not surprise me that music has been found to help humans too, such as those suffering from autism. 

Maybe, in some esoteric way, what we need to get better and stay healthy, is to make sure we do not get out of tune. 


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